Billionaire PRINCE Ned Nwoko Receive Yet Another Letter Of Appreciation For Developing Sports In Delta State With His Resources

By Wise CS Ajede

Philanthropic gestures are solely a preserve of  very few but good people in the world. It is the ability of an individual to give something worthwhile, for the benefit of others without  showmanship. 

Giving to others, is one of the hardest venture by humans. Thus,  those who summon courage to give for the good of others must in no small measure be appreciated.

For the Anioma born billionaire Star Prince Ned  Nwoko, giving to others without making noise out of it, is a way of life. This is why he keeps giving, no matter the number of the receivers.

Prince Ned Nwoko is a good man who had given to many in the past, without feeling more important than his beneficiaries. A kind giver!

Here is a man, whose kind gestures to his fellow humans has placed him on the echelon of world class philanthropist; yet, his humility knows no bound. Tell Prince Ned thank you after receiving a gift from him and then, he will question you over the thank you…

Few days ago, it was reported about how a professor of law in the prestigious Rivers state university had written a letter to appreciate and remind Prince Ned of his kind gesture towards him while he, (professor Kato Gogo Kingston)was a student in far away United kingdom many years ago.

Mention was also made of how Prince Ned Nwoko single handedly donated the sum of 100 million naira for the reconstruction of a federal road which traversed his Idumuje Ugboko kingdom to Abuja -the federal capital territory.

Before now, it was also chronicled that the Billionaire gentleman had donated over 50 million naira as scholarship grant to support over 942 Delta North students of secondary to higher institution of learning, few months ago.

Today, i personally received another letter of appreciation on behalf of  the billionaire prince; from the highly coordinated leadership of the Delta state ministry of sports; for donating the sum of  twenty million naira and granting another educational scholarship to 20 athletes who distinguished themselves during the recently concluded National sports festival in Abuja.

The ministry of sports through the letter, also thanked Prince Ned Nwoko for  supporting the Delta state government with respect to the promotion of sports in the state. 

While appealing to him to remain at the front burner in the development of sports in the state. 

This to me, is worthy of mention especially in this era …

Read the attached:

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