INTERVIEW: Most Sort After Mc North Central – Mc Graniel

Its a cool weather here, as our reporter JTwarrior links up with “Mc Graniel”
So relax and enjoy every bit of the interview with “Mc Graniel” who is the most sort after Mc North Central 2019.
JTwarrior: Can we meet you sir
Mc Granial: My name is Gera Saanmoyol Daniel but I go by the name “Mc Graniel” am a Tiv boy from Buruku local government Benue state

JTwarrior: You have been on top of your game recently, tell us how you work
Mc Graniel: Hehehehe …well have tried my best to keep it Real, funny and a little bit crazy

…..I thank God shaaaaa
JTwarrior: We will be right to say you are the rave of the moment as you have been very busy with gigs. How do you cope with the tight schedule
Mc Graniel: Ahhh…its not been easy…but na how we de take chop be diz ya we die here

Even though the tight schedule I try my best to go early for all my events …God have given me strength shaaa
JTwarrior: Okay, so tell us a little about yourself, how you relax after work
Mc Graniel: Am a very lively person as most people will say, am a music lover , a strong fan of J cole

..I like going out with friend to grab a drink, swim …I no sabi swim Sha
but tube the EPP my ministry….

JTwarrior: Are you in a relationship
Mc Graniel: Well am not in a relationship but …I have a bestie I love so much

JTwarrior: Been the chairman of sweet boys association, how do you handle your female fans
Mc Graniel: Hmm be honest I keep them as just friends , that why I have a lot of female friends

JTwarrior: Woa, maybe you will link us up soon then
Mc Graniel: (Laughs) Sure..
JTwarrior: So tell us, what did it take you to get to where you 

Mc Graniel: Hmm Hard work, prayer and friends …Mc lexiz really paved waved for me and made my beginning smooth….and social media av also been of great help for publicity ……so this are some of the tinz

JTwarrior: How would you rate the entertainment industry in Middle belt
Mc Graniel: Hnm to be honest the attitude toward entertainment in Benue state is very poor…though we are trying we the entertainers but the support is not there…no body cares about ya dream and the entertainers are left to support themselfs…That’s why I always say we entertainers should try to support each other
JTwarrior: What can you advise up and coming mcs who are looking up to you
Mc Graniel: Loll…my advice is that they should stay true to themselves…be real, be original and always remember that your competition should be the person you see in the mirror every morning

JTwarrior: How much do you charge to cover an event
Mc Graniel: Loll well all can say about that iz that am affordable ….I don’t over charge, any body interested in my services should call me and make I’m no fear I no de cut neck

JTwarrior: That’s good, tell us how it feels when you satisfy your employers at different gigs
Mc Graniel: Ahh I feel happy, I feel excited because my aim iz to satisfy people hu pay for my services…dats y I try my best to give my best at every gig..

JTwarrior: What is the most embarrassing moment you have had as an mc
Mc Graniel: I went to one event to do comedy…you know I do stand up comedy too…as I was about to hit the pounce line in my joke mic come of….loll I nearly tire

just had to change the whole idea not to look stupid
JTwarrior: Awww, so what is the most memorable moment so far

Mc Graniel: I think that should be at the Son of rose concert by Tempted …I really like the intro I gave him

JTwarrior: Going further, where do you see yourself in the next 3 or 4 years
Mc Graniel: In De next 4 years i see my sef very high

…I’v mapped out strategies that will lead me directly to the top…in fact in the next four years if every thing go as planned I go don blow final final

JTwarrior: That’s awesome, can you tell us part of the strategy so we can follow you and blow as well
Mc Graniel: Hahaha…am putting things together, funds and resource to start my skit and short movies…hopefully that will be starting this year…..and ehen before I forget my show is coming up in August ..”Laff Night With Mc Graniel” and friends…so I will be expecting every body in Mkd to be there

JTwarrior: That’s a good one. Can you tell your teaming fans, your biggest secret
Mc Graniel: Well my biggest secret iz………loll if u wan sabi my biggest secret come my houz come ask me

JTwarrior: Hehehehehe, I guess that’s for all the single ladies out there!!
Mc Graniel: Hahahaha somofthetinz….if u be man no come look ooh

JTwarrior: That’s a loud one. So tell us, how long have you been doing this
Mc Graniel: Well av been doing it for a long time but I started taking it serriouz in 2017 ending
JTwarrior: What was your parents reaction when you took the job seriously
Mc Graniel: Hehe my dad took it Criuz and he was like ..I hope I will not back slide from God ..loll same ting with my mom…they are very spiritually

….but they are coming to terms with it naw shaa
JTwarrior: Hope it hasn’t made you backslide from the Lord as feared
Mc Graniel: Loll am not Michael Jackson naw so av not back slide oo ohhh

JTwarrior: What should your team in fans be expecting from you as per standards in the Mc job
Mc Graniel: Expect noting but the best….Am funny, good looking and very fluent in English and Ago🤣🤣 beta still pigin
JTwarrior: Any last words for people reading this
Mc Graniel: Ehh….just believe in ya dream nobody should tel you wat you can or cannot do ..always be your self and above all love yourslef

JTwarrior: Can you drop your contact here for potential people who would want to have their events as colorful
Mc Graniel: Sure my number iz 08144187319
Its my watspp number too
My Facebook contact iz : Classiq MC Gran I el
JTwarrior: Okay, what do you have to say about our platform
Mc Graniel: Well this is just the best…a platform that is interested in promoting and acknowledging new acts like myseff and I pray you grow bigger and bigger… I want to say a very big thank you to you JTwarrior for hosting me here …I have so much love and respect for u my brother
JTwarrior: It is an honor having you on our platform. Be sure to get our full support anytime.
Mc Graniel: Tank you so so much

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