NYCN Dissociate Self From Revolution New Protest

The leadership of National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) has distance itself from the planned revolution march slated for Monday August 5, 2019.

The Council in a statement signed by its president, Comrade Almustapha Asuku Abdullahi, said exercising rights to freedom of speech, association and assembly should be with decorum.

Eyes Of Lagos gathered that, Abdullahi said the “RevolutionNow Movement” call for mass action across the country against the Federal Government of Nigeria is ill-time and uncalled for and that Nigerian Youth will not be part of any unlawful gathering in the name of revolution.

“At a time when Nigeria is battling with barrage of security challenges no sane or right thinking individual will be instigating the populace against the Government and calling for total short down of Nigeria. We call all security agencies to take charge and not allow any dissidents and foreign agents to draw us back as a nation.

“The RevolutionNow Protest and the Convener are opposite  in nature hence it became worrisome and explicitly pertinent for every concern Nigerians to ask several questions, the questionable antecedents and alleged fraudulent AAC National Chairman/Former Presidential Candidate send a big signal which deserve details verification.

“This can be best described as deliberate attempt to destabilise Nigeria and government of President Muhammed Buhari. As such any group of persons collaborating the call for revolution protest is unpatriotic.

He therefore called on youth in general to always be law abiding and not to allow anybody or agents of the fourth columnist to use them as cannon fodder.

While urging the Federal Government to avert and tame any attempt to plug the nation into crisis and civil unrest by “this set of greedy and political jobbers who are perceived to be under sponsorship of the external enemies of our dear nation.”

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