Be An Aligned Christian not denominationist or religionist by Ayodeji Eyitayo Cartoon

Ayodeji Eyitayo Cartoon

Your expensive yards of garment or white cotton cloth, church titles or offices doesn’t make you pure, modified or Aligned. But The Alignment of holy Spirit installed in your heart through the permanent influence/Encounter of the word of God with your lifestyle does in spirit and in Truth(John4:23). Don’t just be a garment church seraph but be a filled Christian with christ influence(love and care) to humans(His creations), Churches(His Body) and the world(His Assignment) at large physically, spiritually, Emotionally, Financially, psychologically and Educationally.

Be Aligned beyond just being a denominationist for proper modification of your Gift, Destiny, Assignment and your Existence in the Land of the living for kingdom purpose

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