LATEST ANNOUNCEMENT OF RESULTS – Kogi & Bayelsa Governorship Elections

11:28 PM – INEC declares Kogi West Senatorial election inconclusive

The poll was declared inconclusive because the lead margin between Mr Smart Adeyemi who polled 80,118 votes and Dino Melaye who got 59,548 was 20,570 which was lower than the 43,127 registered voters in 53 polling units of 20 registration areas in the zone.

According to INEC’s Returning Officer, Professor Olayinde Lawal, he was constrained by law to declare a winner because of the lead margin between the leading candidates.

Lawal said the commission would announce a new date for the conduct of a supplementary election in the 53 polling units before a winner could be declared.

David Lyon of the All Progressive Congress (APC) has defeated Duoye Diri of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to win the governorship seat.


10:34 PM – BAYELSA Governorship election result – Ekeremor Local Govt

APC – 21,489 (Winner)

PDP – 18,344

9:12 PM – BAYELSA Governorship election result

Southern Ijaw Local Govt

APC – 124, 803 (Winner)

PDP – 4, 898


9:00 PM – Smart Adeyemi poised to defeat Dino Melaye in Kogi West senatorial rerun

Senator Smart Adeyemi of the APC is leading in the Kogi West senatorial rerun election held on Saturday.

The results of six out of the seven local government areas so far declared by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) at the local government areas indicated that Adeyemi is leading Senator Dino Melaye of the PDP.

The results declared are:

Ijumu LGA Result

APC – 11,425

PDP – 7,587

Kabba/Bunu Result

APC – 15,037

PDP – 8,974

Yagba East LGA Result

APC – 6,633

PDP – 7,745

Mopa-Muro LGA Result

APC – 4,874

PDP – 3,704

Yagba West LGA Result

APC – 7,868

PDP – 8,860

Kogi LGA Result

APC -14,168

PDP – 9,784


7:53 PM –  INEC suspends collation of Kogi Governorship results

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has suspended the collation of results of the governorship election in Kogi State till Monday.

INEC’s Returning Officer and Vice-Chancellor of Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria, Professor Ibrahim Umar, announced this on Sunday in Lokoja, the Kogi State.

He told party agents and other political stakeholders present at the INEC office where the collation of results took place that the exercise would continue by 9am on Monday.

According to him, the announcement was necessary as the results of the election in the remaining two local governments had yet to be brought to the collation centre

7:39 PM – KOGI Governorship election result Dekina local govt

APC: 8,948

PDP: 16,575 (Winner)

According to the Dekina collation officer, irregularities and violence were recorded in 32 polling units in the LGA.

This affected 29,141 voters.


6:50 PM – As things stand in Bayelsa after the announcement for six out of the eight local governments

APC – 206,260

PDP – 119,930


6:22 PM – The Bayelsa collation centre is going for an hour break, please stay with us.

6:14 PM –  Former President, Goodluck Jonathan defeated in his local government, Ogbia
Bayelsa Governorship election result for Ogbia Local Govt

APC – 58,016 (Winner)

PDP – 13,763


6:02 PM – BAYELSA Governorship election result for Yenagoa LGA

APC – 24, 607 (Winner)

PDP – 19, 184

5:50 PM – BAYELSA Governorship election results

Brass Local Govt
APC – 23, 831 (Winner)

PDP – 10, 410

Registered voters – 67,355
Votes cast -34,849

Kolokuma/Opokuma Local Govt

APC – 8,934

PDP – 15,360 (Winner)


4:50 PM – Another break at the Kogi collation centre, to resume by 6:30 PM
We are still keeping a close eye on the Bayelsa collation centre as results roll in, please stay with us.

4:39 PM – PDP candidate, Musa Wada rejects result of Kogi governorship elections

Engineer Musa Wada, the candidate of Peoples Democratic Party, PDP has rejected the result of yesterday’s Kogi gubernatorial election

Wada accused INEC of collaborating with APC to rig the election especially in the Central senatorial zone where Governor Yahaya Bello hails from. The PDP candidate said he already know that Governor Bello will be declared the winner of the election, hence his complaints even before the final declaration of the results by INEC.


4:37 PM –  BAYELSA Governorship election result for Nembe Local Govt

APC – 
83,041 (Winner)

PDP – 

Valid votes: 18,710
Rejected votes: 901
Votes cast: 19,611


4:15 PM –  Kogi Governorship election result from Ofu LGA

APC: 11,006

PDP: 12,264 (Winner)

SDP: 531

Valid votes: 24,156
Rejected votes: 1,499
Votes cast: 25,655

The collation officer for Ofu LGA reports that there were 32 PUs that recorded irregularities such as ballot box snatching and over-voting; 16,844 votes affected.


4:04 PM –  At the Bayelsa collation center, the APC agent said no governorship election took place at Sagbama local government, he alleged that results were massively rigged and generated for the PDP

4:00 PM – Collation resumes in Kogi state
KOGI Governorship election result for Ankpa Local Government

APC: 11,269

PDP: 28,108 (Winner)

SDP: 399

Valid votes: 40,331
Rejected votes: 1,014
Votes cast: 41,345


3:57 PM –  BAYELSA Governorship election result for Sagbama Local Govt

Total registered voters – 70,111
Votes cast – 69,591

APC – 7,831

PDP- 60,339 (Winner)

3:41 PM – The collation of results in Bayelsa to begin with Sagbama local government, where Seriake Dickson, governor of the state, comes from.

There was a mild drama inside the Bayelsa collation centre over a purported court judgement over the alleged disqualification of a governorship candidate before the election. The matter was later resolved.

3:25 PM – It’s about to begin in the Bayelsa collation center

Some officials are now in the designated seats at the collation centre. The exercise is expected to start soon.


2:48 PM – The Kogi collation center take an hour break

2:44 PM – So far, results of 15 local governments have been collated in the Kogi collation center, just 6 more to go now.


2:36 PM – Governorship election result for Yagba west Local Govt

APC: 7,868

PDP: 8,850 (Winner)

SDP: 211

Valid votes: 17,063
Rejected votes: 399
Votes cast: 17,462

2:22 PM – INEC ad hoc official kidnapped in Olamaboro Local Govt

The Olamaboro LG collation officer reports that an INEC ad hoc official was kidnapped during voting and that there were incidents of violence in four registration areas; 6,877 votes were cancelled as a result of this.

The APGA agent further backs this claim saying that there was no election in Olamaboro LGA. “What happened is the abduction of electoral officers and snatching of ballot boxes. I don’t think what is here is good enough to be presented to INEC.”


2:17 PM – Governorship result for Olamaboro LGA

APC: 16,876 (Winner)

PDP: 1,155

SDP: 262

Valid votes: 25,701
Rejected votes: 819
Votes cast: 26,520

2:00 PM – Governorship result from Idah Local Govt

APC: 4,602

PDP: 13,962 (Winner)

SDP: 221

Valid votes: 19,037
Rejected votes: 772
Votes cast: 19,809

1:54 PM – Governorship election result for Ajaokuta Local Govt

APC: 17,952 (Winner)

PDP: 5,565

SDP: 323

Valid votes: 23,951
Rejected votes: 512
Votes cast: 24,463


1:42 PM – Governorship election result for Mopa-Moro LGA

APC: 4,953 (Winner)

PDP: 3,581

SDP: 95

1:31 PM – Governorship election result for Okehi (Okehi is Natasha Akpoti’s LG, SDP candidate)

APC: 36,954 (Winner)

PDP: 478

SDP: 3095

1:20 PM – Governorship election results for Kabba Bunu Local Govt

APC 15, 364 (Winner)

PDP 8057

SDP 364

12:57 PM – Governorship election results for Yagba East Local Govt

APC – 6,735

PDP – 7,546 (Winner)

SDP – 220


12:42 PM – Governorship election results for Kotor Karfi Local Govt

APC – 14,097 (Winner)

PDP – 9,404

Total valid votes – 24,264
Rejected votes – 323
Total votes cast – 24,587

12:23 PM – Governorship election results for Kabba-Bunu Local Government

Kola Ologbondiyan, spokesman of the PDP, loses LG to the APC in Kogi

APC: 15364 (Winner)

PDP: 8084

SDP: 364

12:21 PM – We await the collation of results at the Prof. Mahmood Yakubu Media Centre in Bayelsa state

12:13 PM – A minute silence for late INEC staff

A minute silence is observed for an ad hoc INEC staff who died on his way to Lojoka from Ibaji Local Govt. The canoe he was in capsized at Odogwu.

12:03 PM – APC candidate in the Kogi Governorship Election, Yahaya Bello sips tea as he follows the announcement of results from the Kogi collation center.

11:59 AM – Governorship election results, Okene (Yahaya Bello’s LGA)

APC: 112,764 (Winner)

PDP: 139

SDP: 50

Registered voters: 131166
Accredited voters: 114001
11:48 AM – An ‘Unknown person’ tried to bribe us with N50,000 to manipulate result.
 Collation officer of Igalamela-Odolu LGA presents a N50,000 bribe that was given to his (PO) presiding officer.
The collation officer from Igalamela-Odolu tendered the sum of N50,000 cash to the Kogi state collation center. He revealed that the INEC officials were bribed to manipulate the results by an ‘unknown person’, according to the official, the INEC officer collected the money, but resisted.

11:45 AM – Governorship election results, Igalamela-Odolu Local Govt

APC: 8075

PDP: 11195 (Winner)

SDP: 208

Registered voters: 65129
Accredited voters: 21428
11:36 AM – PDP, YPP agents reject collated results from Adavi Local Govt

The PDP agent at the collation has rejected the results from Adavi, saying there was a low turnout of voters, and he asked INEC to reject the votes too.

To back his claims, the YPP agent also said the PDP agent’s account is true that there was a low turnout of voters. The returning officer tells them to write and make a formal report.

11:34 AM – More from kogi….INEC results for Adavi Local Govt

APC: 64657 (Winner)

PDP: 336

SDP: 279

Registered voters: 105906
Accredited voters: 66222
Total valid votes: 65595
Rejected votes: 372
Total votes cast: 65967

At 10 PUs in Kuroko II, results were cancelled because the total number of votes cast was more than the number of accredited voters.
11:28 AM – Meanwhile, in the Bayelsa collation center, activities are yet to begin

11:20 AM – INEC results for Omala Local Government

APC – 8, 473

PDP -14,403 (Winner)

Total valid votes – 23,705
Rejected votes – 723
Total votes cast – 24,428

11:12 AM – INEC results for Ijumu Local Govt

APC – 11,425 (Winner)

PDP – 7, 587

Valid votes: 19,435
Rejected votes: 446
Total votes cast: 19,881
11:08 AM – INEC results for Mori Mangogo Local Govt

APC: 3679 (Winner)

PDP: 2145

SDP: 244

Registered voters: 16032
Accredited voters: 6239
Rejected votes: 146
Valid votes: 6088
Total number of votes cast: 6234

10:42 AM – Results sheet for Okehi Local Govt

10:38 AM – Results from two local govts in Kogi, and it’s a crushing victory for APC

Results from Okene Local Govt

APC: 112764 (Winner)

PDP: 139

SDP: 50

No of RAC centres – 11
Registered voters – 131166
Accredited voters -114001
Total valid votes – 113170
Rejected votes – 250
Total votes cast -113420

Results from Okehi Local Govt

APC: 36954 (Winner)
PDP: 487
SDP: 3095

10:12 AM -We move to BAYELSA governorship elections
Results from Nembe Local Govt

Ward 1 – PDP 166, APC 7073

Ward 2 – APC 4818, PDP 194

Ward 3 – PDP 388, APC 6451

Ward 8 – PDP 04, APC 5886

Ward 9 – PDP 73, APC 7527

Ward 10 – APC 8042, PDP 17

10:02 AM – Kogi west senatorial district re-run election results
Kabba Bunu LGA

Registered voters – 74789

Accredited voters – 26,916

APC – 15,037

PDP – 8974

Valid votes – 24223

Rejected votes- 406

Total votes cast – 24629

Cancellation in six RAs: 24 PUs affected,

21,391 registered voters affected.


Total registered voters – 53,580

Accredited voters – 25,809

APC – 14,168

PDP – 9,786

SDP – 196

Total valid votes – 24,246

Rejected votes -330

Total votes cast – 24,576

Cases of ballot-box snatching in two RAs and two PUs. 1,765 registered voters affected

07:42 AM –  My nephew shot in my polling unit is dead – Dino Melaye

Senator Dino Melaye. (SDM)@dino_melaye

My nephew Olorunjuwon who was shot at my pooling unit yesterday died this morning. My brother your death is a Supreme sacrifice in the struggle for the liberation of our people. Rest in peace aburo… So sad.7,84010:25 PM – Nov 16, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacy3,392 people are talking about this

07:40 AM –  Kogi: Yagba East Result (As announced by INEC)

Senatorial election
APC – 7868
PDP – 8860 (Winner)

07:37 AM – Dino Melaye laments – ‘Massive rigging currently ongoing in Kogi’

Senator Dino Melaye. (SDM)@dino_melaye

Rigging going on at INEC in Kabba now. Speaker Kola, Taofik and commissioner of Agric all inside INEC. Rejected Egbeda and Oke ofin results entered. Oke Koko ward clearly won with over 1000 difference in favour of Pdp cancelled. Odolu too cancelled. What a compromise.1,6914:46 PM – Nov 16, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacy580 people are talking about this

Senator Dino Melaye. (SDM)@dino_melaye

Figures been changed across the Local Government collation centers. Absolute compromise by returning officers8545:35 PM – Nov 16, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacy325 people are talking about this

Senator Dino Melaye. (SDM)@dino_melaye

NYSC pooling officers forced to sign new results. What class of desperation…. In God alone I trust.9925:37 PM – Nov 16, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacy287 people are talking about this


06:24 AM –The list of the missing staff as provided by INEC and the police at the Olamaboro collation centre.
Olamaboro III

Unit 002- (1) Oladipo Victor

(2) Achimi Samson P-08136653704

(3) Umar Faruk Sani-08032745663

(4) Adama Ibrahim

Unit 006- (1) Abayomi Roseline E.

(2) Onuche Abel E

(3) Onojah Emmanuel

(4) Umoru Mariam-

Unit 013- (1) Effiong Akwaowo-Ukpe

(2) Mattew Agada

(3) Samuel Ibrahim

(4) Sado Bello

Imane 1
Unit 006- (1) Nzeofia Kingsley- Presiding Officer (PO)

(2) Hassan Musa- Assistant Presiding Officer 1 (APO 1)

(3) Ekele Michael – Assistant Presiding Officer 2(APO 2)

(4) Ahmed Mattew – Assistant Presiding Officer 3(APO 3 )

Unit 012 -(1) Ovioawho Omonefe B.- Presiding Officer (PO)

(2) Baba Eric -Assistant Presiding Officer 1 (APO 1)

(3) Gabriel Samuel Assistant Presiding Officer 2 (APO 2)

Unit 015-(1) Nwafor Emmanuel- Presiding Officer (PO)

(2) Agada Ochegeugwa- Assistant Presiding Officer 1(APO 1)

(3) Ojih Martina- Assistant Presiding Officer 2(APO 2)

Unit 016 (1) Ezugwu Stanley- Presiding Officer (PO)

(2) Mohammed Abdullahi- Assistant Presiding Officer 1(APO 1)

(3) Mohammed Ibrahim- Assistant Presiding Officer 2(APO 2)

(4) Adejoh Joy- Assistant Presiding Officer 3(APO 3)

Unit 022 (1) Adebisi Comfort – Presiding Officer (PO)

(2) Yusuf Sofiat- Assistant Presiding Officer 1(APO 1)

(3) Onoja Alice- Assistant Presiding Officer 2(APO 2)

(4) Onuche Vincent- Assistant Presiding Officer 3(APO 3)


06:14 AM –INEC declares 30 staff missing
The ad-hoc staff took part in Saturday’s Kogi State governorship election. They were posted to Olamaboro Local Government Area (LGA) by the commission.

Eyes Of Lagos gathered that, They were declared missing early Sunday morning (Today) during the final collation of results in the local government.

The missing INEC staff include Presiding Officers (POs) and Assistant Presiding Officers (APOs) of polling units in Imane ward 1 and 2 of Olamaboro LGA of Kogi State.

Many of the ad-hoc staff used by INEC are corps members of the NYSC.

Announcing the development, the LGA Election Officer, in-charge of collating and announcing the local government’s results, Garba Mahmood, said the INEC ad-hoc staff were reported missing after the observation of some police officers who raised concern that they were last seen shortly after voting ended at 2 p.m. on Saturday.

Mr Mahmood said repeated calls to their telephone numbers did not go through.

Mr Mahmood then released the names of the missing persons.


11:04 PM – Wilfred Ifogah, head of INEC’s voters registration in Bayelsa just revealed that the results from the state collation center will be announced tomorrow (Sunday, 17th of November, 2019)

His words…

“We will start announcing results from here tomorrow morning”

“We are sorry, but the hall cannot take everyone, some of you will have to be excused outside tomorrow, I just want us to go by this so that there won’t be infractions anywhere or thinking probably there is something going on.”

“The observers will not have access also to the main hall but at least we will provide a screen outside where you can see what is going on inside the hall”

10:20 PM – We await the commencement of activities at the Bayelsa collation centre tonight. A couple of top INEC officials have just made their way into the hall


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