Chinedu Nnamani, Founder/CEO skynaps Multivision has highlighted the need for Africans to seek and grab businesses around the world

Mr Nnamani(alias Mr light) is a young Nigerian entrepreneur with a Bachelor’s Degree in international trade and economics from Shenyang University of Technology, China..

The world is now more than ever interconnected and we as Africans can not be left out when it comes to trade we Must take our businesses, products and services out there to the world.
We must compete globally like any other business from any part of other business from any part of the world comments Mr Nnamani

This has been the modus operandi for Skynaps Multivision limiter since it was established in July 2015, it is a commercial business known for product quality fast moving and highly effective agricultural products such as cashew nuts, seasame seeds, ginger, cucumber and others,Which are exported to various destinations.

Skynaps Multivision Limited is a tested and Trusted company as it has executed standard government contracts and services that meets the international standard to the fascination of its array of clients for the record, it has been progressing in its agricultural and animal skin exports as it has exported over 20feet containers worth of goods to countries such as China, Hong Kong, and Vietnam,
“Says a confident Mr Nnamani

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