Yaply Launches A Personalized Social Media Platform

Yaply Launches A Personalized Social Media Platform

The new app Yaply, ushers you into the next generation of Social Media Networking. Have you ever sought a social media platform tailored precisely to your interest with a variety of original and local content that gives a pulse of the Nigerian society? Look no further, Yaply has got you covered. Not only is it designed to connect you with Nigerians home and abroad, but it also provides the best content curated from your immediate society.

The app delivers a new way to follow trends, share, connect, create content, grow your audience for business and promote your brand.  For photography enthusiasts, Yaply gives you an opportunity to connect with and improve on your skills while keeping you up-to-date on the latest gadgets to add to your collection.

“The user interface is world-class and app functionality is top-notch.” A confession made by a first time user. Don’t be left out of this whole new interactive, simple yet trendy user-friendly app, Yaply.

The invasive nature of our modern world leaves us in doubt of our privacy and security. Yaply takes your right to privacy very seriously by adhering to the strictest industry standards as regards data protection by constantly reviewing protocols and keeping them up to date with current security recommendations.

And that’s not the end. The Yaply team recognizes the revenue opportunities in social networking and as such has integrated micro-economic layers into the fabric of the Yaply app to enable users to leverage on their networks. Yaply users can earn revenue in a variety of ways be you a content creator or consumer.

Ready to begin your journey today???

Download Yaply. Available on Android, iOS, and Web.

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