Political scientist precious Daniel wins face of Nigeria in Lagos

Not Every dream requires sleep. Hard work is one of the best ways to accomplish your dreams says the new FACE OF NIGERIA 2019/20 QUEEN PRECIOUS DANIEL, a 23 year old political science graduate of the institute of business technology.

The pursuit for pageantry has always been an idea she’s had right from when she was 8yrs old, every Sunday when she dresses for church , she would stand in front of a mirror calling herself Cinderella, doing some imaginary rehearsals and cat walk.

She was keen on becoming a beauty queen and had participated in several pageants, where she faced her greatest fears. She was discouraged as it seemed like you had to know someone before you could win any beauty pageant. Undeterred by this challenge, she decided to take the bull by its horn, she decided to making it a life style, making sure she rehearsed every step took, worked on herself till she knew she was ready to face any beauty pageant stage. “I remember using my phone to watch miss Nigeria on YouTube a countless number of times, I had memorized almost every step, every wave and every question at this point I felt I was ready or any beauty pageant and entered
for the FACE OF IDOMA 2017/18 beauty pageant” she says. 

Her hard work paid off as she emerged 1ST runner up in the FACE OF IDOMA 2017/18 beauty pageant. She became convinced that all it took was, a pinch of hard work, sprinkled with a bit of determination, rubbed in confidence and you’d become an unstoppable force. After her reign she, creatively searched on line or any pageantry that wasn’t just random, she wanted something more than just pageantry, she wanted a pageantry that would be a huge task. Face of Nigeria, just as the name sounds, seemed to her the next big stage in her career. She enrolled and although it was a tough one, but she remained focus on the price, her first fear was the fact that, they had contestants who came from outside Nigeria, girls who were top models and former beauty queens, tall beautiful girls, intelligent etc.

“I remember my first day in camp, it was as if I was in the wrong place, everyone kept to themselves, I was shy at first, then I said to myself Precious let do this, and the following day I had made 5 new friends” she says laughing out loud. “On the final day, during the announcement of the winners, my heart was pounding as they had just called the second WINNER and my name wasn’t mentioned. I couldn’t believe I was going to be in the top spot, I felt I had deserved either the 2nd runner up or the 3rd runner up” She says.

Hard work paid off again as she was crowned the FACE OF NIGERIA 2019/20. When asked what the crown meant to her she said, “it means I’m improving, I’m getting better by the day, its one step at a time until I’m MISS NIGERIA.

She intends to make the world a better place starting with Nigeria, where her pet project is set on making Nigeria green. Her GREEN ENVIRONMENT, BLUE HEALTH project is set to feature in most states in Nigeria. The new face of Nigeria is set to make Nigeria proud, she recently got a management deal with FINISH MEDIA and she promises to do the best she can. Her advice to everyone who wishes to become something is, work hard with the right mindset, and then shoot for the stars.

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