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Face of Greenleaf International Is not just a pageant but a business package to raise entrepreneurs amongst our young women. Helping them to be independent and productive in life. Adding value to themselves and the society at large. How good are you with people ? How fluent are you? How well can u dress n pitch ur brand? How bold are u and are you ready to stop existing and start living? Then this opportunity is for you. Hurry now and register or register someone dear to u n let’s make impact.

Reasons why u need to contest 
1. You’re automatically a member of the company. 
2. You become the brand ambassador 
3. It’s a win win situation. No way loss 
4. You get packages n offers 
5. Travel opportunities 
6. Even if you don’t emerge winner you stand a better chance at the next contest cause you’ve a full idea of what’s involved 
7. You get to meet prominent people around the globe n share ideas 
8. Helps u stand out amongst people 
9. You live an independent life 
10. You make money

How to Register
Pay the sum of 3k to
*ACCOUNT NUMBER:1234544199*

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