MUSIC: Maverick ft Percy and DJ Bolexzie – Bend That Body

It’s like ear candy.”

Once the song started I knew I was in for a great time. The brass and piano combined together at the beginning in perfect harmony with Maverick coming in to deliver an edgy intro. Chorus comes in and it’s glorious, Maverick is really knocking it out of the park here with a melodic vocal performance, accompanying this is a memorable 808 pattern and catchy drum loop that has a dancing feel to it. The thing about this chorus is that it’ll definitely get stuck in your head.(In fact, maybe the whole song)

Although the lyrics on this song may not feel very serious, the vibe is infectious and solid,
with clever punchlines. Instrumentally, this song keeps it simple, not a lot of stuff going on,which makes it easier to enjoy and keeps it rich in a way that complements both Maverick’s and Percy’s vocal tracks perfectly.

Performance quality on the song is top notch,at no point is the song boring, with vocal switch-ups and textures being exploited heavily by Maverick, you always have something new as you go along in the song.

Overall the song is well produced, melodies are fire and all the instruments pop out. Vocals are strong and warm, lyrics may come across as cheesy sometimes but overall it feels meaningful. Song also possesses a good arrangement, everything feels right and cohesive.
It’s the kind of song you would want to have on repeat.

Blog Post: Maverick set to Premiere new single on International Lyrics Platform “Genius”, Label projects 10,000 Streams first week:

Song: Bend That Body
First single released with IFOE Records and Blue Pie Records Australia and USA
Artiste: Maverick
Featured Artistes: Percy & DJ Bolexzie
Producer: Maverick
Keyboardist: David Ace Keys
Album Art Photography: Kels Photography
Album Art Graphic Design: Maverick
Additional Vocals: Eckhart Tolle Sampled from “The Power Of Now” Audiobook
Recording Engineer: Maverick
Recording Studio: Black House Studios

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