5 Reasons you should watch HANDICAPPED The Movie

1. Breath of Fresh air
For the Last Decade, we have experienced huge development in the technical aspect of Nollywood films… Kudos to the players that keep raising the bar. However sometimes, once some producers figure that Film “A” Sold out because of a certain element … Then expect  surge of films coming with that Element.  This makes HANDICAPPED The Movie Stand out… You can feel the Courage of the Producer and Story Teller, Roy Osuji tolling a different and unpopular path to tell a GREAT story….

2. Outstanding Narrative/Direction

When you buy a film ticket and you get the popcorn,  your journey through those dark walls with a loud system, you are expecting to be amazed and to experience a visual Journey. Let me be honest with you. HANDICAPPED The Movie is worth every kobo, cent or penny of that journey. A maker cannot be separated from His/Her work. The Writers, Seun Arowojolu and Denice Chikaodi, did a fantastic work placing the reality on Human Trafficking and Irregular Migration on the silver screen in a way we can easily grasp it. The directing… experience it yourself. There is a way to describe  Seun Arowojolu’s directorial approach… He is a fantastic Visual Storyteller to convey deep emotions… Talking about Visual storytelling that Leads us to number 3.

3. Outstanding Cinematography :
If you are not a movie buff, I will make it easy for you to grab this… Cinema is simply a means of telling a story with the Camera. Well… will you expect less from Idowu Adedapo?  the oracle behind the feature films like the wedding party, King of Boys and more!  Now Movie buffs or not get the popcorn on the side and enjoy a true cinema film.

4. Fantastic Acting

Acting? Please let me use pidgin here… Who no kill am?! All the actors with no weak link… did a fantastic work on this…. My Goodness! Let me see if i can catch up… Valerie Dish, Rotimi Salami, Amanda Oruh , Kunle Idowu aka Frank Donga, Igwe Emmanuel and Ghanaian actress Sitsofe Tsikor…  I mean all! They did a fabulous work,  at some point, I am sure you will ask yourself, was Camera filming all this?… Thumbs up to all the cast of Handicapped The Film

5. Informative:
This should have been the first, but I guess we saved the best for the last. This issue of human trafficking has been going on for years, and everyone thinks its none of their business, yet thousands of Nigerians fall victims to this… majorly because of Nigeria’s harsh economic reality. So everybody wants to check out by Hook or Crook. The Harsh reality of what happens when you decide to embark on the journey by crook is clearly painted in Handicapped The Movie. All media platforms, relevant government and non-government organisations should lend their support in any capacity possible to make this Film go viral….Who knows we might just be salvation someone needs out there.

1 The reason you should NOT.

So na my mouth you go hear say teacher mama die? Lol. On a serious note… The Producer and director need to be given a bigger grant or budget, to travel to Italy, France… Some European countries to film deeper realities about these Issues.

Producer, Roy Osuji, and Director, Seun Arowojolu… when my prophecy comes to pass, don’t forget to square me my cut oo.
Watch the trailer below:

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