Tuesday, September 21

3 simple ways to elevate your look with a blazer just like celebrity stylist, Jennifer Oseh

A blazer is all you need to slay that boss chic style at your office this week and celebrity stylist, Jennifer Oseh is our plug.

How to rock blazers like celebrity stylist, Jennifer Oseh [Instagram/ Jennifer Oseh]
How to rock blazers like celebrity stylist, Jennifer Oseh [Instagram/ Jennifer Oseh]

If you need a less formal style but still maintain the dapper and corporate look, a blazer is all you need to stand out and achieve that.

Blazers can fall between a suit and a sports coat. You can rock any of this style to your workplace.

If you’re planning to change your wardrobe soon, you need to add blazers to the list.

Some people have mastered the craft of rocking a blazer fashionably and our style is inspired. Celebrity stylist, Jennifer Oseh popularly addressed as ‘The Lady Vodka’ is a pro when it comes to styling blazers.

We spotted some of her amazing styles on the ‘gram and we think you can get some fashion tips from it. Here are three ways Jennifer Oseh shows us how to elevate our look with a blazer.

1. With a dress

You can spice up a long and flowy gown with a lightweight blazer. With the right shoes and killer accessories, you can slay this look at any event.

You can also make the look contemporary by rocking the dress with a sneaker.

2. With turtle-necked top

A turtle-necked top looks good in a suit and pairing it with a blazer will make an amazing style. The look can come off as a layered or chic.

3. With a round-necked top and sneakers

Who says you can’t pair a blazer with a round-necked top? Jennifer Oseh has proven that a contemporary and boss chic look can be achieved with this style.

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