Ozinna Anumudu is showing us ways to rock bright-colored blazers unapologetically

Bright-colored blazers will always be a fashion staple

Ways to rock bright-colored blazers [Instagram: Ozinna]
Ways to rock bright-colored blazers [Instagram: Ozinna]

Gone were the days where blazers were mostly meant for work, now blazers are becoming more versatile and are worn fiercely to brunches to dinner dates to events and so on

One of the coolest thing about this must-have fashion staple is that it can be combined with anything from skinny jeans to mom jeans to prints.

Most people are scared to rock a bold hue blazer but rocking bright-colored blazers put a spring in your step, making you feel like you have the world under control. A quick tip is to make use of your color wheel, colors that are opposite each are best when you want to contrast colors and colors that are beside each other are known as analogue colors and they can be combined as well.

The color wheel [Pinterest]

The color wheel [Pinterest]

Nigerian style influencer and fashion guru, Ozinna Anumudu, is showing us how to rock bright-colored blazer in different ways and to different events.

1. Monochrome look

We love how she rocked this bright different tone monochrome blazer from the camisole to the pants and of course the blazer. So if you are new to wearing bold colors, the best way is to start by just going for a monochrome look that way you are safe.

2. Ombre effects

We love how she toned down the ombre blazer with one color, a black pair of jeans and a black sheer camisole. The key to rocking this is to use one color to pair it up with and you are good to go.

3. Color blocking

Blue and red is a power color combination and we love how she took these two colors off the color wheel and paired them into a very interesting combination. The key to nailing color blocking is to ensure that you do not have too many colors going on your outfit.

4. Infuse prints

Okay now, we love how the prints on this long blazer are infused inside. You can rock yours with a print camisole or pants.

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