NKIRU – Call On Me

The R&B/Afrobeats singer, songwriter and musician NKIRU is back with her smooth angelic Brand New track ‘Call On Me’.

Produced and co-written by Omeiza, who also produced ‘JeJe’, which was the 2018 anthem that gave us the“Smooth and sultry R&B offering”, led by Nkiru’s influence from her British Nigerian culture. Known for her unique flow, Afro-Melodic delivery and storytelling, this track gives us a perfect subtle blend between two worlds: Afrobeats and R&B

The record is about letting go of an ex lover to focus on a craft (music). ‘Call On Me’ sets the vibe for the season, with relatable lyrics and Nkiru’s sweet cadence that captures the heart and souls of listeners. Giving them a real life scenario between two lovers: A couple so in love but so apart as a result of Money & Ambition.

The inspiration behind the ‘Call On Me’ single, Nkiru says,

the song highlights an experience in my previous relationship, or should I say “situationship” *smiles*. “Call On Me” is about me and the love of my life at the time being so in love yet not compatible. We only had time for the mula (money), so we clashed in that aspect

Nkiru is an Artist to look out for as she leaves her mark in the UK R&B and Afrobeats music scene.

Enjoy Below. 



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