Introducing: Rafiat Olayinka Badaru Foundation, (ROB) Foundation

Rafiat Olayinka Badaru Foundation. (ROB) Foundation. Motto; “Never give up on your laurel”.ROB is a foundation that specializes in encouraging humanity who are giving out their possible best in their walks of life to make a positive change in the lives of humanity and to appreciate them for their doings, also to groom and encourage primary and secondary school students by bringing out the best in them. The foundation also focuses on assisting the less privileged as long as it falls within the frame of the foundation’s vision. The initiative was birth by Mrs. Rafiat Olayinka Badaru (ROB), a Nigerian entrepreneur and a nursing student based in the United States Of America (USA) on the 1st of December 2019.

Our Vision; To be a renowned International foundation premised on grooming and bringing out the best in primary and secondary school students and appreciating people that have laid a landmark achievement in his/her walks of life. Our Mission; 1. To acknowledge the good works of individuals, organizations, foundations and our loved ones that have done immensely great to the entire populace. 2. Bringing out the best in primary and secondary school students within our reach. 3) To assist the less privileged achieve their immediate or future need by providing supports within the foundation’s capacities. Our Goals; 1. Organizing competitions, programs, talents hunts, coaching classes, giving out scholarship offer in order to groom and bring out the best in primary and secondary school students. 2. Award presentations to individuals, organizations or foundations that have impacted positive changes in the society and the lives of humanity. 3. Appreciation of loved ones who have contributed immensely to our entire lives. 4) Providing material relief for people in need when the need arises mostly the aged and the physically challenged. Follow in Instagram: @rob_foundation

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