Judeworldstar – Heal The Land (Audio + Video)

Judeworldstar – Heal The Land (Audio + Video) This is an inspirational song by super talented artiste JUDEWORLDSTAR. titled HEAL THE LAND Reassuring us a great restoration.

Cleansing Commenced.Hope Released.Harmony Restored.Rescue Assured.Victory and Healing . TOGETHER WE STAY STRONG. AND WE SHALL PREVAIL WE PRAY!!!STAY SAFE, STAY HOME AND STAY ALIVE. This song is written by JUDE OMOKAGBOR Produced by DAVID OMOKAGBOR (beatzbyjava) 




We’ve come together,As one big family,We gon sing loud the song of victory,Cleanse all the nations, bring back the harmony to the land. Oh Jarastafari, send down your mercy,To heal the world from this pandemonium,Set all our nations free,Bring back the harmony to the land call: Heal the Land All: Heal the land. Addlips: As we’re praying for the nations, we’re fighting for survival. Heal the land} 3xHeal The Land.  

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