Kika Osunde: Luxury, Finesse And Brand Reputation

Kika Osunde is a beauty and luxury hair enthusiast. Widely known as KikaGoodHair, the openly passionate Kika’s product and service credibility have earned her a place in and outside of Nigeria. The Guardian Life speaks to her on luxury, kindness and discovered talents.
Who is Kika Osunde?
My name is Kika-Ose Osunde and I’m the co-founder of Good Hair Ltd and Brass & Copper Lifestyle Ltd. I was born and bred in the UK with a degree in Business and Marketing. I’m the last of four children and am from Agbor in Delta State. I shuttle between Nigeria and the UK where I run my businesses simultaneously with my business partners. I consider myself as a fun, assiduous ‘BE’ (beauty enthusiast).

What has been your coping mechanism at this time (lockdown)?

I’ve stayed very close to my family. We all decided to quarantine together which was the best decision we made as we went through all the mental and emotional turmoils of a global pandemic together.
I’ve also been exploring my new found hidden talent in cooking, where I create different cuisines daily and share the processes and recipes with my followers. This has been an unexpected hit actually.
I also stay busy by creating content for both Good Hair and Brass & Copper as well as attending to clients online and ensuring that all orders are prepared and dispatched on time given the crisis.
My partner Chioma and I are also actively working on some new ideas which we will be releasing soon so stay tuned!

How do you see the future of luxury fashion and beauty post-pandemic?
I think that the future of luxury fashion and beauty, contrary to what most people predict, is pretty bright. That largesse has ultimately trickled down to fashion and beauty brands which most women have unknowingly occupied their time reacquainting with this period. As we can imagine, luxury fashion & beauty houses will continue to invest heavily in digital and e-commerce initiatives. I believe we will see a surge where existing brands may look to diversify more than ever. It won’t be just about connecting with influencers and social media but more to do with streamlining their supply chain and back end logistics for unforeseeable circumstances in the future.

What are your sales strategies to still keep your global customers?
To maintain and boost sales this period, we have upped our online presence as well as digital marketing strategies. Constant content is churned out daily to ensure that we are at the forefront of people’s minds, connecting with our audience and getting involved in challenges that are uplifting and light-hearted.

There is a global audience and what you decide to do with them is your choice. I’ve not only entertained my followers with hair, beauty, life hacks and cooking tips, but I’ve also organized a few educative webinars to acquaint them with a better understanding of the industry and processes behind the success of our brands.
Post-pandemic, we will implement new strategic methods of digital marketing as well as continue to rise to the new demands of society. We will also ensure that we put all necessary measures in place to ensure the comfort and safety of our clients whilst offering new and improved services to their satisfaction.

A lot of brands are embracing the use of social media to market their products. How are you using social media as a monetization tool?
Both Good Hair and Brass & Copper have quite a following on social media and whilst we put out content to sell, we also ensure that we entertain and educate our followers in the process to keep them engaged. Social Media has actually been a blessing during these times as we had to physically shut down the entire Good Hair space due to the nationwide lockdown.

Do you see a comeback of the traditional methods of running a business?
I honestly think that eventually, things will neutralise to a large extent. Unfortunately, some business will suffer more than others (airlines and hotels) because more and more people are becoming reliant on online meetings and interactions as opposed to the usual travel meetings & conferences. However, for most other businesses, I believe things will return to status quo alongside a safer, more stringent means of a physical interface. Take Good Hair, for instance, luxury personalisation has always been part of our business model. During the period where we see the lockdown being lifted, home service will be more popular than ever.

What is your favourite quote and why?
My favourite quote is by Socrates, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”
I came across this quote very early in life and based my morals and principles around this. This quote is extremely relevant through these uncertain times, but more importantly, it is how I build myself and my empire.

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