Again, there was another false publication by Sahara Reporters alleging that Imran Abdulhameed, son of NIRSAL boss was jailed for money laundering in UAE. Just like the recent stories about Aliyu Abdulhameed, the stories do not correspond, here is why.

Firstly it was reported that Imran was arrested for money laundering in UAE, and the penalty for that over there is 10 years in prison. How come he didn’t go to jail and did not only graduate as the best international student but also bagged a Certificate for International Achievement Award from the American University of Ras Al Khaimah.

Where are the court and convicting documents, which prison did he serve in, how did he continue to school in the same country for four years after being convicted, how can he be in jail when he’s currently back in Nigeria doing his internship? So many lies!

They also said he was arrested with a Lamborghini, and Audemars Piguet yet has not shown any proof of that. The only thing accompanying their story is a bank statement of account that anyone can have. Having 8 million in your account doesn’t make you fraudulent, or is SR using the tactics of street corrupt SARS officials who suddenly think you’re a fraud for having an iPhone?

The stories Sahara Reporters are carrying have been propaganda which people who are fighting to bring NIRSAL MD; Mr. Aliyu Abdulhameed down have been using.

It’s not new.If you’ve been following the story you’ll know the next things they want to report as it’s not a new tactic. Earlier on there was a published report on “How Former NIRSAL official tried to use his position for fraudulent activity, but after being sacked tried to blackmail his boss”. These are the league of people and more trying to bring NIRSAL boss down for doing good work over the years.

This is just a witch hunt. SR should not be a platform for peddling false information, rather a trusted source that verifies information before putting it out. They should not be a tool for faceless blackmailers who are using the backdoor to attempt to bring the rock down.Those they’re spreading false information about are citizens trying their best to fox the nation in their own capacity and don’t have time for baseless allegations and clickbait stories. We urge any news platform to always verify the information before putting it out, so as not to be dry reporters like a Sahara desert.

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