Music Sensation “Anii” Prays For Nigeria With New Single “God Bless Us All”

Budding inspirational singer Anii with her debut single “God Bless Us All” is taking the music arena by storm. The song pronounces blessings upon Nigeria as a country and her citizens both at home and abroad. It takes into cognisance the past, present and future of Nigeria. “God bless us all” is part of Anii’s debut album “EVERGREEN” which is soon to be released in honour of Nigeria as she celebrates her 60th anniversary this year. Anii tells us “I’ve been celebrating Nigeria’s Diamond year since January 1st, 2020” (the day the audio version of God Bless Us All was released). “I rejoice because I know there is hope for a greater Nigeria, and not even the ongoing pandemic can kill my joy”. The album is aimed at spurring such joy and hope in d heart’s of Nigerians. Other songs in the album include “Kampe”, “Shine”, “Boom Bang”, “Dear President” and a lot more. With poignant lyrics steeped in hope, patriotism and optimism, “God bless us all” should be the gentle backdrop of the heartbeat of every Nigerian. What better flagship tune for the diamond jubilee of this great country? This piece will outlive us all, and inspire generations to come. @truly_anii on IG and Twitter


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