MISPLACED JUSTICE: Plot to Take Out Magu For Corruption To Thrive Uncovered – Dan Nwanyanwu

The National Chairman of the Zenith Labour Party (ZLP) Chief Barr Dan Nwanyanwu live on DMI tv made his opinion heard about plans to oust Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) Acting Chairman Ibrahim Mustapha Magu by corrupt Nigerian politicians and business individuals in Nigeria.

Nwanyanwu said there are plots to remove Magu as EFCC Chairman, so that the status quo can be maintained i.e, supporting corruption to thrive uncovered.

Nwanyanwu denied the fact that Magu had been selling all recovered properties. He vouched that all properties that were sold, were the ones recovered before Magu became Acting Chairman of EFCC. He said those trucks in Port Harcourt were sold after the Federal Ministry of Works was called to access the trucks which they attached ridiculous prices hoping that they(fed min of works) will be contracted to sell them off. But in the end, the trucks were sold. Nwanyanwu vouched that those events were monitored by them as anti corruption settlers.

According Nwanyanwu all those properties and vehicles recovered by the Magu led EFCC are all in Zone 6 EFCC headquarters, Abuja. SUV cars, brand new buses are rusting in zone 6 without sales and you will see all there. “About 40 to 50 vehicles were recovered from one compound and all of them are still in the different offices of the anti-graft agency scattered all over the country.” “These vehicles are rusting away at the various EFCC offices, they have not been sold.

“As we are supporting Magu, we are also monitoring him.

“Magu has not sold anything under his reign as Acting Chairman of EFCC.

“Magu is victim of ”corruption fighting back, No more, no less.

“The truth is that, those who have been investigated and are due for court, are the ones putting these monies together so that they can influence top government functionaries close to President Muhammadu Buhari to remove Magu.

“Those people who have been investigated and due for court, are the ones fighting back, they are ready to take their own pound of flesh.

“And i will always give you my proverb, ‘the witch cried last night, the child dies today, who does not know that it was the witch that cried yesterday that killed the child.

“Let them prove it, if they do, i will come back to you to say, i am sorry and i will face the man that i have put my integrity on the line for.

“Let them prove it, we are waiting for them to prove it items by items.

“The allegations against Ibrahim Magu are unfounded and of no moment, and they are looking for ways to convince the president but the president knows that the fight against corruption is the only thing he has now, they want to truncate it.

“My advice to president Muhammadu Buhari is for him to invite Magu to a private meeting so that Magu can confide in him about the ideas of all the funds scattered all over Nigeria banks that are on the Post No Debit(PND), including funds in foreign currencies.

“These people will look for people to help them, they go to government functionaries or business people to negotiate the percentage that will be accruable to them , if the money is released. But Magu becomes a stumbling block to them with regards to the PND. They are all in the banks of the Federation.

“They are also using the press now to influence Magu’s removal. This is why you see all sorts of fabricated corruption stories about Magu on different media and social media platforms.

“A prominent Nigerian called me that he wrote something about the implication of the president removing Magu as EFCC Chairman. He said they have pulled down the article from the system. He did not know who pulled it down. I am even sure that this video and press statement might be pulled down. You might not see this again.

“I am from Imo state, and billions of naira have been stolen from our money and it is painful and bleeds my heart. These are the assignments that Magu must complete, unless the president says, ok, all of you have stolen enough, go and sin no more. Then we will say bye to the fight against corruption. I have just use my state as an example, which is one state.

“In all the states where money have been stolen and hidden, Magu can pinpoint them, Magu have completed the investigations of former ministers,  governors etc and are due to have a date in court with the EFCC.

“When i say corruption is fighting back, corruption is really fighting back, i am not trying to say anybody is indispensable, Magu has really gone too far, he has recorded successes and he is not listening to corrupt politicians.

“Magu has achieved over 1000 convictions and has recovered over #800bn cash which President Buhari acknowledged innhis June 12 speech. Once they remove Magu, all these achievements will be reversed. That is what they want to achieve, that is why i said ‘corruption is fighting back’.

“All the corrupt politicians under president Buhari will be taken to court after we must have mounted pressure on them. On this struggle, i Chief Dan Nwanyanwu is on the same page with President Muhammadu Buhari.

“Ibrahim Magu for now, is the best man for the EFCC Chairman job. The president in a democracy must join hands with concerned citizens who have believe for this country to move forward.

“However, it is left for the President to succumb to corrupt politicians he has been fighting since 1984 as a military Head of State,  so that it will now be Uhuru, it is left to the President.

“And if the President want this fight to yield expected results, Ibrahim Magu should be confirmed as EFCC Chairman by the Senate.

“It should be noted that we do not have personal interest, our interest is that we have too much money in the hands of very few that did not work for it. The only opportunity they have was because they found themselves in power which gave them the unchecked privileges to steal public funds. For those that will be attacking us, this is our reasons.

“If you believe in this country, that this is the time we need all the money for development, we must come and plead with president Buhari not to listen to to them.

“During the last time, i called them, enemies of Nigeria, and they remain the enemies and enemies to the fight against corruption.

Nwanyanwu was asked if he thinks President Muhammadu Buhari will bow to pressure to remove Magu or from been approved as EFCC Chairman, “Nwanyanwu said president Muhammadu Buhari will not bow to any pressure to remove Magu, acknowledging that president Buhari has been known for fighting against corruption since 1984.

“President Muhammadu Buhari will not kill his anti-corruption agenda.

Nwanyanwu acknowledged that Nigeria may not have arrived at ending corruption now, he said that, those who were not touched in the past government are been touched now. The corrupt politicians in the President Muhammadu Buhari’s present administration wil be touched later. And all the monies they have stolen will be coughed out.

Nwanyanwu concluded by saying that the President Muhammadu Buhari we know, is known for the fight against corruption and nothing in this world will change his agenda, which Magu is capable of good fit for as EFCC Chairman.

“God help the Federal Republic of Nigeria. He dropped.”

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