Have You Seen Trending Movie EBUDOLA by Funmi Awelewa? (The Review)


Have you seen EBUDOLA?  (The movie Review)

Title of the movie: Ebudola

Title of the Review: Another Hilarious Movie by Funmi Awelewa

Who are the main characters/actors in the movie? Funmi Awelewa, Olaniyi Afonja & Sisi Quadri

Summary: This is a movie that kept us on the edge of our seats in the entirety of the drama. It is so hilarious with a nice storyline. It’s different from every other Nollywood comedy movies I have seen. It was well played and curated. I give a thumbs up to the producer, director, and all the cast of the movie.

The wait to see this movie is worth it after all.

Who would like this movie? The movie is for everyone. no age restrictions or parental guidance I guess. Thou it was played in Yoruba, it is subtitled in English for universal understanding.

What is your opinion of the movie?

It’s a Fantastic Movie.

I will rate it 8 of 10

Would you recommend the movie?  Yes of course, I will .. I want everyone to watch this movie. It’s good to relax and I stress cure.. lolz …

Review by  Olamide Baron

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