Music Is Why Many Nigerians Are Not Depressed — Arosino

The current state of the Nigerian economy, the high rate of poverty in the country and the pressure the youths have to go through in surviving each day has made Arosino conclude that music is why many Nigerians are not depressed.

Arosino, a famous musician, spoke with the press recently, about how Nigerian musicians have helped many youths stay happy and active through their lively songs, fun-filled and energetic music videos.

“Poverty is high in Nigeria, look at our economy, it’s growing at a very slow pace and everyone is struggling to make ends meet, but thank God for music”, says Arosino when asked about how he thinks music is keeping Nigerian youth together.

“To make it in Nigeria is not as easy as we all thought when we were much younger, adulthood has its challenges that Nigeria as a country isn’t helping. People who don’t have good financial support are many in Nigeria, they struggle every day to come outlook good, but deep inside of them, there’s sadness locked up while putting on fake smiles to cover it up”.

“What do you think would have happened if Nigerian musicians are not making happy, motivating, and even party songs? Many Nigerians would have been depressed because music keeps most people sane and active in this country”, the singer added.

Arosino also noted the government should applaud musicians for their direct and indirect contributions towards making Nigerians have stable mental health.

“I’m proud to say, Nigeria is blessed with incredible musicians of different genres, doing music to address different issues.

There are different songs to fit every situation, including songs that help people facing mental challenges to get better. The federal government needs to applaud us”, Arosino opined.

Arosino who has recently released amazing songs like ‘Rain’ and ‘Good Loving’ promised to keep feeding his fans with top-notch music that will stand the test of time.  Follow “Arosino” on his social media platforms:- @arosinobillz

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