Top Ten Reasons Why Tolulope Longe Deserves the Power Play Outstanding Leadership Award

Tolulope Longe
Tolulope Longe

The Power Play Awards were developed to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of remarkable women and the men who uphold the importance of supporting and empowering them across the LNG value chain.  The Vanguard – Outstanding Leadership

The Vanguard Award honors a woman or man who through their words, actions, and positive energy, inspires those who work with and around them. This individual has a collaborative leadership style that builds bridges and finds solutions. They carry a sense of purpose in all that they do, whilst maintaining a commitment to ethical work practices with the aim of being a responsible global citizen.

  1. Tolulope Longe is the first-ever female Team Lead
  2. Tolulope Longe is an advocate for diversity
  3. Tolulope Longe is a Product of Mayflower School Mentored by the Disciplinarian Tai Solarin
  4. Tolulope Longe is a collaborative leader that builds bridges and finds solutions
  5. Tolulope Longe is for the development of women, coaching and mentoring
  6. Tolulope Longe ensure no one is excluded from the right opportunities
  1. Tolulope Longe has a passion for equal opportunities
  2. Tolulope Longe leads in innovative developments
  3. Tolulope Longe is a Natural Born Leader
  4. Tolulope Longe is a Gem from Nigeria and Africa

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