DJ Harris Relationship Experience With Nipsey Hussle And Team

Danny Bruce Harris JR Known as DJ Harris Of V.I.P Access Narrates His Relationship Experience With Nipsey Hussle And His Team.

 The Lifetime Opportunity They Got Was When Nipsey Hussle Wanted Them To Open His Crenshaw Tour, Seeing Nipsey Hussle Perform Night In and Out Was a Great Experience, In Which 360 And The Team Were Extremely Motivated For Being Part Of The Lifetime Opportunity.

DJ Harris Was Flat Broke After The Tour And Had To Move Back To Cali To Get a Job. It Was Heartbreaking And He felt He Was Giving Up In His Dream.

 Based On The Relationship He Had With Nipsey Hussle And His Team He Decided To Go With Him As His First Concert. At Music Box In Downtown San Diego, He Had His First Concert Which Was Big and Successful And Had The Big Surprise At That Night Show When Lauren London Had Nipsey’s First Son Appeared At The Show And Did An Amazing Performance.

After The Concert He Also Did Another Concert With Nipsey Hussle At Fillmore In Silver Spring Maryland And Other Concert At The Royal Were Lil Durk Did A Song Collaboration With Drake And Joe Burden Who Also Had An Amazing Podcast, As At Then Titus Was Upcoming.

Titus’s Upcoming Artist Which He Had Known For Ten Years, As His Career Started Taking Off He Wanted DJ Harris To Help Him Out With A Lot Of Strategic Management Then, Which He Also Shot Two Music Video For Him Too. As At That Time He Was The Actual Director And Not Just Assisting With His PA Skills.

Tidus And DJ Harris Shot a Music Video In Oceanside California And   In Las Vegas Nevada Also

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