My 2nd Album Is Going To Be One Of My Biggest Project Ever – Yinka Rythmz

We Had an exclusive interview with US finest Yinka Rythmz, and this is what he has to say about his music, Unveiling of his multi million dollars project and his forthcoming album… 

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1. What’s your name please?

My name is Adeyinka Adeola-Hazzan popularly known as Yinka Rythmz a.k.a Omo Mr. Somebody, Apase of West Coast. I am An Artist, Song Writer, Producer and an Entertainer.

2. Where are you from and where do you reside

I currently stay in Las Vegas, Nevada United States. I’m originally from Ogun State Nigeria.

3. Are you married or Single?

I am happily Married

4. Can you tell us about Omo Mr Somebody?

Mr. Somebody is a Versatile Artist, Song writer, founder of I’m Somebody foundation, a husband, a father, a businessman, an entrepreneur, an outgoing chap, love to be around happy people, love life, God fearing, faith believer, A choir director and a Kingdom citizen…

5. In What year did you establish Your Record Label?

The Record label was originally founded by my late Dad in 2007. Who is one of the Fuji Legend Alh. Rasheed Adio a.k.a 2nd Barrister, Mr. Somebody.

In 2010 The Record Label was administratively Established and Launched!!!

6. How did you come about The Name (Rashan) 

The name Rashan is the first 3 letter of my Dad’s name and first 2 letter of my last name and the last letter of my last name…

Rasheed Hassan… Rashan!

7. What are you up to musically? 

I am  currently working on my 2nd Album which is one of the biggest projects I’ve ever done. I’m getting ready to release my 1st Album which was initially scheduled to be released on the 25th of April in celebration of my 20yrs on stage and the official launching of my NGO Foundation “I’m Somebody Foundation” and was postponed  and slated for November 2020 due to the ongoing Pandemic and Nationwide Lockdown.

8. How do you Reach Out to your fans across the globe?

I have quite an energetic and workaholic Groups of Marketing team that work tirelessly via Media sources and moreover iv got quite a number of Media portals like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

9. We heard you are about to Unveil a multi-million naira project? 

Rashan Music international is currently working with me

On a multi million Dollars project

Titled “More Than Somebody” #MTS

Its an EP album

Produced by OSM production

And a musical short movie directed by the Legendary Akin Alabi films. The project is being recorded in Nigeria and USA featuring quite a number of Legendary Poets, Hip hop artist, and RnB Artist.

The Visual Aspect is being shot at major tourist locations in Nigeria, Finland and Washington DC. It’s my biggest project ever.

10. Can you tell us the inspiration behind the project and the challenges you faced? 

Life… My life

The story of my life is despicable…it’s a project that has been long overdue.

Struggles, Disappointment, Divorce, Life achievement, purposes and few Wins with prospect…

11. Our source says you shot a musical short video for the song, can u tell us about that?

I cant spill too much but the

Short movie is going to be Wow!!!

when this wonderful project that focused on my Originality and My perspective as an Entertainer, as a Husband man, as an entrepreneur, as a businessman and as a father will be well delivered and I hope my fans and friends all over the world will joyfully be satisfied!!!

12. How do you cope from being a husband, father, entrepreneur and a music artist?

Lol….Im still a learner…

The great thing about it is that…

When you manage your life well

Your daily activities, daily responsibilities and daily accomplishments becomes who you are and what you tend to be for tomorrow…

It’s an ongoing process…And I’m learning as the day goes by.

13. How many artists did you feature in the yet to be released song? 

4 major artists!!!

Which I’m not allowed to reveal yet!

14. Where do you see yourself and Music In 3years from now?

I’m always hands on…with this question every time..

I’m a builder…my goal is to have an Empire of Entertainment

Which will include

Artists sectors

Media sectors

Informative/promotion sectors

And Line of Investors/ products

15. Has the corona Virus affected your project in any way?

Yes, major meetings, compositions, arrangements, decisions and implementation has to be done Virtual….

But as times go by, we are sorting it all out.

16. When will your music/video be officially released?

We are looking into Spring of 2021…Which Around March or April 2021

17. The EP Album you are about to drop, can you tell us how many tracks are in there?

It’s a total of 7 tracks

Which comprises of 3 major long play tracks

18. Is your wife in full support of your music? 

I was a born Artist before I found her, she married Yinka Rythmz🤣🤣🤣🤣….

My wife is my number one fan. She gives me some type of Energy and confidence I can’t explain…

22. What do you have to tell your fans Home and abroad?

I just want to thank you all for your love, support, prayers and your Encouragement… even though we are practicing social distancing at the moment. Your love and Energy is felt everyday…

Watch out for this great project.

I hope you all will love it more than I love it….Be More than Somebody….You are Somebody!

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