BRT Bus Kills 2 People In Lagos

At the early hours of 30th September, 2020, an accident occurred at Abdul moruf, close to Pleasure, between Iyana Ipaja and Ile Epo. This allegedly lead to the death of two Lagosians on a bike.

According to eye witness report, a bike man and his passenger commuted along the newly constructed BRT express lane and was met with an untimely death as a result of a collison with a BRT bus.

This incident enraged other bike men and in hasty retaliation attacked the bus and vandalised the mercedes benz BRT until the police came to control the situation.

Prior to this incident, the government of Lagos State had banned the use of bikes in the state. However, this new rule has not completely adhered to; as some bike still ply the roads, and the people of Lagos patronize them. Consequently, bikes caught on the road were also seized but these defaulters have found a way of getting their bikes back, after they ‘settle’ the task forces in charge.


• The bike men whose means of livelihood had been taken from them and their families? Who are looking for means to survive?

• The BRT driver who might have been careless in his driving?

• The task forces who seize bikes and later release them after being ‘settled’?

• Lagosians who still patronize bikes even as they know the disadvantages and dangers of doing so?

We await the response of the Governor, his Excellency, Babajide Sanwo-Olu concerning this issue. We must remember that the change we want must begin with us.

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