CEO Fitt Hotel and Lounge Mr. Feyisayo Adeniyi Donates to the People of ITIRE Community During COVID-19 and Peaceful Protest

FEYISAYO ADENIYI is an integral part of Itire. He identified with the community during good and tough times. It is instructive to note that he provided palliatives in the sizable form in the peak of COVID-19 to the community.It is impossible to make an environment where he does business unfriendly. It is also foolhardy to speak at a protest where he has evil intent which is where the mischief-maker got it wrong.Mr. Adeniyi was present at a protest, knowing how sensitive the area is, and gave a speech of peace. He pleaded for peace and promised to give the protesters N100k by providing meals and water on the premise of a peaceful protest.Please see the video for your perusal. One would think that he should be encouraged and appreciated as against assassinating his character.  

See Proof Video Below

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