Ra.feke – Better Days

Izzy Olaore, creatively known as Rafeke is a musician and philanthropist. He has been at the forefront of malaria eradication in Nigeria and few African countries.

His new single clearly represents what he stands for as a person and brand. The song is titled “BETTER DAYS” and is an embodiment of hope for the hopeless. There’s no better time for the message in the song; needed by Africans both home and in diaspora.

This song also serves as a rally cry/anthem for the #SoroSokeSeries (#SpeakUp) social media initiative that Rafeke’s team created as a community via @unitedstatesofwakanda on Instagram for everyday Africans around the world to connect, collaborate, and share their stories during these troubling times.

Better Days is on all music streaming platforms. You’ll like Better Days. @Ra.feke didn’t disappoint. Enjoy and help us spread the gospel.


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