MUSIC: MarcWayne – My Ex Left A Marc

MARCWAYNE announces brand new EP: My Ex Left A Marc.

MARCWAYNE isn’t just your average rap artist. There is something truly distinctive about his sonic vision, and each of his EP speaks for itself, blurring the lines between a wide variety of styles, influences and genre definitions. Influenced by the greatest artists in the genre, but also keeping an eye out for innovation and experimentation, MARCWAYNE recently managed to wrap up one of his most exciting music releases to date. His brand new project is titled My Ex Left A Marc, and it serves as a great introduction to his work and sound. The EP has a fresh and modern production, yet people can definitely enjoy the warmth and the organic flow in his delivery.

From the hard-hitting punch of rap, to the textural soundscapes of the modern scene, anything goes here, and the beauty of this release is that there is actually so much room for new ideas and for MARCWAYNE to explore different creative pathways, in order to come up with something that’s personal and one-of-a-kind. In addition to the amazing concept, what makes this EP special is the artist’s concept: he wants to help people get through their relationship problems. With “My Ex Left A Marc,” MARCWAYNE gives the audience a great opportunity to get a glimpse into the world through being able to relate to someone who has also experienced heartache. In other words, you’re not alone!

Do not miss out on this brand new release, and find out more about MARCWAYNE, whose music is now available on your favorite streaming platform on the web.

DOWNLOAD MP3: MarcWayne  My Ex Left A Marc

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