Xwagga Runs – AfroTrap EP [@XwaggaRuns]

Afrobeat as always been a genre of multi sub-genre from Afro hip hop, to Afro wave to Afro Fusion, it’s been a umbrella for every type of African music to prosper hence the birth of Afro Trap. 
A lot of people tends to think Afro Trap is French rap but in Xwagga Runs words “Afro TRAP is the story of the African streets and just like in America ghettos, we do have trap houses in Africa and our ghetto kids got their own story to tell”
Xwagga latest project Afro Trap is a 8 track body of work and features some of the fast arising stars out of UK and out of Lagos, Nigeria particularly on the lead single “Kush Anthem” which features Danny Tee. 
Xwagga promised this is his best work to date and we are promised hip hop bangers, afrobeat party tunes and drill tracks. Born in Nigeria, studied and grow up in London, and now reside in Wales as a DJ, Xwagga defines his music as a bridge between the Nigerian street music and the influence of the London lingo which makes a great sound for his listeners and fans alike. Even though he reside in the United Kingdom, Xwagga is very passionate about the state of things back home in the motherland. 
He stands in solidarity with the recent protests and the #EndSars movement and he put his words where his mouth is when he led a group of Nigerians and African students across Cardiff protesting for a better change in Nigeria.
This Ep has been put together in English, Pidgin and his mother’s dialect Yoruba. The EP is available NOW on all music platform including Spotify, iTunes and Tidal Music.
Tracks feature likes of 705beats, PassMark, Danny Tee and more. Productions from Casino Beats and Zee Tunes.
  Artist Socials: @XwaggaRuns on every platform.

EP link: 

Spotify: Afro Trap Vol. 2

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