ZUGACOIN Breaks World Record

ZUGACOIN has again made progress and broken more records throughout the entire existence of digital currency. It is currently authoritatively on Coin Gecko and appraised the most costly cryptographic money.

The Cryptocurrency which is the most significant and costly Cryptocurrency on the planet is now surpassing all other existing Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and so forth The recently dispatched money is causing a ripple effect on worldwide trade stages like, Uniswap, Indoex, Vindax and Nellerabox.The world record in Cryptocurrency has been broken by Archbishop Samzuga; African and affirmed by Americans.

Expressing his excitement on the progress of the currency, Archbishop Samzuga the brain behind Zugacoin states, “What is needed from us now is; to guide our success, if ZUGACOIN succeed, all of you will be financially free forever. Maintain the same faith, don’t suspect me because I don’t have anything evil in my heart. I left my comfort zone from Dubai to come and make you comfortable but not to cause you pains. I will have no gain in your pain.”

ZUGACOIN, the first African’s cryptocurrency is finally, officially on Coin Gecko.

Breaking the record to become the most valuable and expensive Cryptocurrency in the world. Overtaking all other existing cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin etc.
The world record in Cryptocurrency has been broken by an African and confirmed by Americans!

African financial revolution has finally arrived.

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