Shegxy – Tribute To My Daddy (Audio x Video) | @shegxyofficial

This Video Is In Memory Of My Dad Who Died April 2nd 2021, I Find it difficult to Believe that you are gone but I have no choice than to hug my fate, it was like a Dream but now a Reality above my Ability not even up to my Capacity You more than a Father, i worship you like my God Only God knows why the good have to die Daddy, I always thought the time is a big healer but somehow with each passing day i miss you even more Dad I really miss you, never knew you would leave us so suddenly, you were a good man, you advised me and did your best to provide for my siblings and I. You try your best in helping people, I am saddened that death took you away, but God said in all things we should give him thanks. Farewell Dad!

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