Aham Rochas Outlines the Access To Quality Education as a Solution to African Unity

The President and Founder of the Aham Rochas Foundation, Aham Rochas has said that access to quality education will ensure the realisation of greater unity, and solidarity, a foremost aim of the Constitutive Act of the African Union.

He said this recently in a press briefing held at the Sham Rochas Group headquartered in Abuja.

According to him, endemic illiteracy, in-access to quality education across Africa necessitated innumerable financial aid, and qualitative educational relief programmes executed by the Aham Rochas Foundation in a bid to educate and empower children on the streets.

“Education is the great equaliser of life, and a vital instrument of unity, solidarity and development across Africa.

“It is in this notion that the Aham Rochas Foundation Scholarship Fund and the Emergency Education Programme (EEP) were established in 2017: in view of educating out of school children at all levels,” he said.

Since its inception, over 800 children, both within and outside of Internally Displaced Persons camps have been given the opportunity to go to school.

In 2019, Mr Rochas hosted the Deputy Prime Minister of Lesotho, Monyane Moleleki where they discussed the possibilities for free education in Africa.

These educational charity outreaches are intended to reinforce continental unity and solidarity thereby ensuring every African child gets a chance to enjoy quality education irrespective of societal impediment and financial limitations.

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