At the just concluded Gala/ award night, an award of excellence as the most influential student of the year was given to Allen Vadnuvechi, popularly known as vechilz for his charismatic support to students and the activities in the school.

The mediaprenuer and event host also got an award of merit for his contribution to the enhancement and development of social life and activities in Edwin Clark University.

In describing vechilz, most students tagged him as one who is passionate about promoting social excellence and making sure that the students rights are not being trampled upon.

Vechilz, who is a law student of Edwin clark University, can be seen as one who is passionate and driven by his love for promoting and supporting entertainment in his immediate Environment.

He has on several cases declared his intention to practice as an Entertainment/Tech Lawyer, and he looks up to the likes of fozadoza, akinyemi law, prince I and many other notable entertainment lawyers as part of his motivation.

Vechilz who is the current national director of socials of law students association of Nigeria, is indeed a worthy character to emulate and learn from.

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