Young Man Cries A River After Being Dumped By Girlfriend (Watch Video)

A young man sobs bitterly as his serious girlfriend breaks his heart by breaking up with him.

After losing the woman with whom he obviously appears to be in love, the devastated man posted on his TikTok page to convey his sorrow.

Young man sobs uncontrollably after girlfriend dumps him
He may be seen sobbing bitterly over the loss in a video he posted online. He also included a picture of the woman who, according to him, broke his heart in the video.

He continued by saying that he was already weary of the miserable business of courting.

He cried, “I’m sick of dating her.

Reacting, “I would rather drink pap with a toothpick than cry because say woman left me,” ekesonmoney_ wrote. can never be me.

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