Steve Livingstone Biography: Real Name, Mission, Educational Background, The Journey, & Siblings


Basic Information

Known As:Steve Livingstone (Emperor)
Real Name:Stephen Ogomefuna Gbemudu
A Political Exponent, Activist and Participatory Politics.
Occupation:A Builder, CEO Livair Nig. Global Construction Firm
Genre:Root/Gospel Reggae
Place of Birth:Delta State, Nigeria
Marital Status:Married
Education:B.Sc in Political Science and International Relations


Steve the Living Stone, also
known as Stephen Ogomefuna Gbemudu, originates from Delta State, Nigeria and
was raised in a modest household. With a natural inclination towards
generosity, he possesses the ability to provide for others without hesitation,
often sacrificing his own resources to ensure the happiness of those around
him. Throughout his life, he has maintained a laid-back and approachable
demeanor, and is currently happily married with children.


With his mission to revolutionize the mindset of
leaders and prepare the people for a new wave of political systems in Africa,
he disseminates his insightful posts and articles on various social media
platforms. These pieces of content are guaranteed to uncover long-held truths
that have been suppressed for over a century. Interested readers can find more
thought-provoking material in the magazine “Eyes of African


Following his completion of
secondary school, he pursued a second degree in Political Science and
International Relations, through which he discovered his true identity and
gained a wealth of knowledge. This knowledge enabled him to understand and
navigate the intricate political mechanisms of our world, equipping him with the
necessary skills to handle matters concerning humanity in a proper and
effective manner.


Due to his exceptional musical
talents, he sought to use his art as a means of conveying important messages to
his audience. Despite having a military background, his passion for democracy
compelled him to drop out of military school. His music often addresses themes
of unity, transparency, accountability, equality, tribal sentiments, and love.
Additionally, he is a devoted philanthropist, frequently visiting motherless
homes, hospitals, and various other charitable causes.


His political principles and
ideology are grounded in openness, equanimity, tranquility, and accountability
across all facets of social, political, and economic blueprints. The current
political corridor exhibits an imbalance that contrasts with his beliefs.


With deliberate attention to
detail, he has crafted poignant songs that convey political messages and offer
viable solutions. These captivating compositions are now widely available on
over 40 digital music stores, including Boom Play and Apple Music. In addition
to his musical pursuits, he is currently focused on producing a magazine
entitled “Eyes of Africa.”

Siblings and Children

Father of the new generation and from a Noble family with enormous family members and friends of down trudden and greater heights.


It is unknown the number of cars owned by STEVE THE LIVING STONE He has not shared more pictures of his rides.

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