Due to sex-for-botox exchange, a Nigerian doctor’s license is revoked in the UK

Oluwafemi “Tijion” Esho, a physician in the UK, was found guilty of providing Botox treatments in exchange for sexual favors. As a result, he faces penalties and the revocation of his medical license.

Famous TV cosmetic surgeon Esho admitted to having an improper emotional interaction with Patient A, a lady with whom he had exchanged “unsuitable” sexual messages on Instagram. Eyes Of Lagos reports,

Nigerian doctor Oluwafemi “Tijion” Esho

During his appearance before the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS), the doctor argued that he never engaged in any physical sexual activity with Patient A, who offered sexual services through OnlyFans and webcams.

Earlier this month, an MPTS panel in Manchester determined that Dr. Esho had sexual intercourse with Patient A at his Newcastle upon Tyne clinic in 2021 and provided complimentary Botox services.

The tribunal also noted that during a previous consultation months prior, he touched her hair and pressed against her after making inappropriate comments about her buttocks.

In a ruling last year, the tribunal found that the doctor had made similar remarks to Patient A and allowed her to engage in sexual activity with him.

Consequently, the tribunal concluded that Dr. Esho’s ability to practice was compromised due to his misconduct, leading to the decision on Saturday to remove Esho’s name from the medical register.

The rationale behind the tribunal’s decision to impose the sanction will be disclosed next week.

Dr. Esho is the founder of the Esho Clinic, which has branches in London, Liverpool, and Dubai and caters to several celebrity clients.

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