Serial Entrepreneur High Chief Obio Olushola Oloyejulius Launches Elders Forum, Uniting Visionaries for Social Impact

High Chief Obio Olushola Oloyejulius, a dynamic young entrepreneur renowned for his vocal stance on social issues and commitment to community welfare, has taken another bold step towards fostering dialogue and knowledge exchange with the inauguration of the Elders Forum.
The Elders Forum, an initiative spearheaded by High Chief Obio, serves as a platform for individuals with extensive experience and knowledge to come together, share insights, and discuss pressing matters facing society. The inaugural edition of the Elders Forum witnessed the gathering of esteemed personalities including renowned actor Femi Branch, the charismatic Seyi Awolowo, the distinguished Omotola Ayodeji Slasha, the visionary Ms. Judith Chiemeke, the esteemed Dr. Taofik Kolawole, the esteemed Ambassador Wahala, and the illustrious Billionaire Prince White.
High Chief Obio Olushola Oloyejulius remarked, “The Elders Forum is not just a gathering; it’s a movement towards positive change and progress. By bringing together individuals with diverse backgrounds and expertise, we aim to facilitate meaningful discussions, foster collaboration, and drive actionable solutions to the forefront of societal challenges.”
The first edition of the Elders Forum was not only a platform for insightful discussions but also a celebration of culture and creativity. The event featured a captivating musical performance by Demola Strings Omo Ologo, further enhancing the ambiance of collaboration and camaraderie.
In addition to his commitment to societal betterment, High Chief Obio Olushola Oloyejulius is leading the charge in revolutionizing the entertainment industry with Oloflix. Oloflix, a pioneering pay-per-view entertainment streaming platform, is poised to disrupt the traditional pay TV landscape by offering premium and exclusive content that showcases the richness of African culture to a global audience.
As High Chief Obio continues to make strides in entrepreneurship and social impact, his unwavering dedication to innovation and community development remains at the forefront of his endeavors.
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