5 Reasons to avoid Sportybet ahead of the Euro2024 and Olympics

Euro2024 is now just a few days away so you know it’s another opportunity to cash out backing the likes of Portugal, Spain, England and France to clear the group stages. But before you load up your Sportybet account, here are 5 reasons why you should totally avoid Sportybet.

  1. Sportybet is currently owing customers over 950m in unpaid winnings

According to several media outlets and petitions filed to the EFCC, Police Special Fraud Unit, Police Force Intelligence and Investigation Department, NLRC and other agencies, by aggrieved customers, Sportybet is currently accused of owing about 114 customers over 950m and refusing to pay them their legitimate winnings. Many of these customers have taken to social media and granted media interviews to explain their predicament about how the company not only refused to pay their hard earned winnings but also closed their accounts unjustly and without explanation.

  1. They blocked accounts of customers after they won money on their platform

In order to avoid paying these customers, Sportybet immediately blocked their accounts after winning. Imagine risking your money and winning a big bet during the Euro 2024 or Olympics and then Sportybet closes your account after refusing to pay you. It is best to avoid the platform until they start operating with integrity.

  1. Sportybet accused customers of playing “fake odds” to avoid paying out winnings. 

Imagine you staked N500 and won N50m– then Sportybet comes forward to say they won’t pay you because you played “fake odds” on their platform. As ridiculous as it sounds, that’s exactly what they are currently doing– denying over 100 customers access to their winnings totaling over 950m and accusing them of playing “fake odds” and using “bot technology”. What does that even mean? Better safe than sorry. Avoid Sportybet and stories that touch if you know what’s good for you.

  1. Sportybet is playing dirty and knows exactly what it is doing.

After locking the accounts of punters who have won money on the platform, Sportybet through its customer care is asking for ridiculous documents like “Skype ID” before unlocking accounts. SKYPE ID. Who uses Skype in Nigeria? And how should that affect verification? Even after customers explain they don’t use Skype, Sportybet insists that the accounts won’t be unlocked because failure to provide ANY requested information would lead to continued punishment. Now imagine you win 80m and they close your account. And then tell you to bring a document showing that you own the house you’re living in– meanwhile you’re just a tenant. That means your money has gone, according to Sportybet. Absolute disgrace. To make matters worse, even after providing Skype ID, the accounts remain closed.

  1. IT experts have called out the company’s lies

After claiming that customers played “fake odds” using “bot technology”, independent indigenous and international IT experts have come forward to rubbish those claims and explained why it is impossible for anyone to create, publish and play fake odds on Sportybet or any other betting platform.

Unless Sportybet pays the money it owes to its customers and is able to demonstrate strong financial health to redeem player winnings– it is better to look for another betting platform for your Euro2024 adventure. The worst thing that could happen is that you finally get a big breakthrough that could change your life forever, and Sportybet refuses to pay you claiming you played “fake odds”.

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