The Pearls and Other Stories: Another Nigerian Author Hits The Global Market!

On Thursday, May 30, 2019, all roads led to Kiza Restaurant and Lounge in Dubai, to witness the book launch of UK-Based Nigerian Writer and Novelist, Nwanne Onyeanwuli Makanjuola. This widely anticipated book is titled: “The Pearls and Other Stories”.
The book is a collection of short stories with a fusion of diverse characters and societal events that resonates with everyone’s life and experiences. The craft and creativity infused in the book is auspicious.
Guests arrived in their numbers at the prestigious Kiza Restaurant and Lounge, a venue that sells Africa as a continent, and her diverse culture to the rest of the world. Kiza, is a home ground that has played host to some virtuoso Africans in all sectors.
The launch attracted an array of guests from different parts of the World, who had come to be part of that waking moment. In Attendance, was popular Nigerian Socialite, Hushpuppi; he was the first to acquire copies of the book. The Dubai-based socialite picked four copies of the book, and gave props to Nwanne for the creativity she employed in birthing the literary work.
 The CEO and Managing Partner of Kiza, Mr. Joe Osawaye lent his goodwill to the author and the book. He said, he admired the swiftness of African writers. He said Africa Literature hasn’t stopped breathing, and he’s looking forward to another African Nobel Prize Winner.
Dubai-based Nigerian Poet, Writer, and Journalist – Godspower Oshodin also grazed the Launch. The award-winning Poet who was one of the early birds at the event, and, a member of the Kiza Family, expressed his optimal love for the book after skimming through pages of the work. Oshodin also Express optimism that the book would be well received by the public.
The author, Nwanne Onyeanwuli Makanjuola’s passion for her craft was evident in her eyes, as she read through couple of pages from the book to the enraptured listening audience. She was delighted about the launch and the support extended towards her by families, friends, and fans who grazed the launch to pick copies of the book.
 You can grab a copy of the book online from any of these platforms.

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