Hawk Eye Global Crime Reporter Is Not Police VGS

Recently there has been a video of Police VGS app that has been circulating online. Members of the public contacted us with several inquiries regarding the status of Hawk Eye Global Crime Reporter. This announcement is to address many concerns expressed in the public inquiries.

Questions and concerns were related to the continuity of the Hawk Eye Crime Reporter as a police project, inquiries included if Hawk Eye was same as Police VGS, others wanted to know if Hawk Eye now require subscription service for download.  Considering these inquiries, it is imperative we provide clarity to the public.

We commend IGP Adamu for the expeditious review of the Hawk Eye Crime Reporting Management system and its suitability for interdiction of crimes, other emergencies in the country and approval for immediate launch.  A launch date will be announced to the public.

Hawk Eye is not same as Police VGS App as many have inquired or suggested.  Hawk Eye is a National Emergency and Crime Reporting system and Does Not Require a Subscription, it is free, with access to all Nigerians, of all walks of life and at no cost.

Hawk Eye is an advance crime reporting and management system a result of collaborative efforts between the Nigeria Police Force ICT department and Web Asset Nigeria Limited.

Hawk Eye Crime Reporter has been successfully beta tested by the Nigeria Police ICT for more than a year beginning in October 2017 in FCT and since April 2018 in Lagos and ready for public use. The longest and most beta tested App ever to be launched in Nigeria.

About Hawk Eye Global Crime Reporter

Hawk Eye provides many significant policing and crime interdiction tools to help improve security in Nigeria. It offers some of the most advanced policing tools in the world.

It provides:

  • Public communication tools between the police and the public.
  • Field level facial recognition technology to help officers remove habitual criminals off the streets
  • Public complain tools, against errant officers
  • 2-way communication between citizens reporting crime and police command and control centers.
  • Reporting is anonymous and user’s identity is not captured nor disclosed.
  • Police mobile device terminal (MDT) to gather digital evidence at crime scenes
  • Voice to text on iPolice MDT to get statements from suspect, witnesses and complainants for ease of use.
  • Available to all Nigerians in English and all major local languages including pidgin English

Hawk Eye offers many advance crime and police management tools that allows for effective policing and not just crime Reporting.

We thank you for your concerns and inquiries and invite you to experience the Hawk Eye Global Crime Reporter by downloading at: www.hawkeyecrimecrimereporter.com

Also available: In Google play store and iOS store.

We encourage you to watch and learn more about Hawk Eye Crime Reporter

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