Isaac K – Miracles

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Isaac K – Miracles

iSAAC K’ is a Nigerian-born songwriter and singer based in the UK.

He released his debut EP titled “SENTIENT-Season 1” in September 2017 and has performed his songs in a variety of renowned venues in the UK.

iSAAC K! started writing songs after being inspired by the book of the Songs of Solomon in the Bible as well as the classic hymns written by the Wesley brothers.

In 2015, iSAAC K! was chosen with other artists to participate in ONTRACK, the annual 6-week music project hosted by the Roundhouse Organisation in collaboration with Trinity College London with the opportunity to gain an Arts Award following the showcase finale.

“It was such a learning curve. At the time, I was yet to see how much detail goes into creativity. How deliberate and subtle I can be with Art.”

“Our Tutors were Legendary! Some of them included DJ Policy, Abimaro and Gawin. These kinds of projects are vital for youth development in any community and it was such a blessing indeed to be a part of it”

The below quote by Albert Einstein particularly resonates with iSAAC K!

“There are two ways to live; as if nothing is a miracle, or as if everything is a miracle”.

Written and recorded by iSAAC K!, the song “Miracles” was produced by @Ayobamusic in 2018 in a studio in Tottenham, UK.

“My first name Iyanuoluwa (pronounced ee-ya-nu-oh-lu-wa) which is Yoruba essentially means Miracles and has always been my cornerstone.

Throughout life, I have found that it is easy to feel sorry for yourself in any situation you’re in. Alternatively, feeling grateful is very refreshing and truly inspiring.

Sonically, we wanted to express this gratitude by incorporating some Afro-Latino drums, acoustic guitar and synth flourishes”

Miracles sounds fun and delightful and we can’t wait to hear what next iSAAC K! is working on.DOWNLOADConnect on twitter, Facebook and Instagram


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