DK – Shokoto

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diri O. Dick popular known as *Dk music* is God’s choicest anointed gospel musician who is sold out to God in his calling and ministry which has been a tremendous blessing to this dispensation. His crave and passion for gospel songs with groove and biblical content that can be played in parties, brought about this song *SHOKOTO*.

About the song: SHOKOTO is Yoruba word in Nigeria which means *Trouser with big Pocket* and SOKOTO is a state far in the northern part of Nigeria. Hence, there is a common dictum in Nigeria parlance that Say’s ” *Watin you dey find for Sokoto dey for your SHOKOTO*. Which simply depict of someone that is totally *Oblivious* of what he has until realization. We live in a world today where people do all manner o things and go all manner of places in search of God and his kingdom. Whereas, the scripture told us in *LUKE 17 vs 21* that “… That the kingdom is amongst Us and In Us” in as much as we have Christ. Hence, SHOKOTO is a song of awareness and realization like the prodigal son of what we posses and who we(Christians) truly are in Christ. Download and *groove* with the *move*…


Popular Lyrics; What you’re looking for in sokoto, is now in your SHOKOTO. Oya look no left, look no right, the kingdom is inside of you. Look no up, look no down, the kingdom is inside of you…

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