Angel Henry signs new act ‘Teesmith’ to AAH Records shines with Itzteesmith on IG with Mr Raw and Klint de Drunk

Angel Henry have signed a new act ‘Teesmith’ to AAH Records who shines with @Itzteesmith on IG hanging out with with Mr Raw and Klint de Drunk

Canadian – Nigerian Musician ‘Angel Henry’, announced the signing of its new label artist yesterday to the Angel Henry series, social media lookers and music lovers. The new artist who was not shown in the post, except the fun share to WhatsApp goes by the name ‘Teesmith’.

Teesmith is originally Known as Tochuckwu Obi, from Abia state. He sings Igbo rap, also known as indigenous rap. He is a huge fan of musicians as ‘Phyno’, Raw. Teesmith told his music and fan page admirers that he was brought up in Abia state.

The signing of Teesmith to Arch Angel Henry Records label came up after Angel Henry watched him performed on stage with several other artists. His performance was a cool one on the 25th of December 2019. He also did another performance on the Sunday 29th of December 2019 before he was signed to the AAH Records label.

Teesmith told AAH Records label that he had 5 songs already produced in the studio, however it was not verified if they were all available. At the time of signing Teesmith (Igbo Boy) he mentioned an available track titled ‘Benz’ which is now scheduled for release in 2020 by Angel Henry, AAH Records team and owner.

Teesmith appreciated all the labels effort to make his music leave just the stages to even more stages, and beyond the globe. A statement by AAH Records hinted that the label Arch Angel Henry Records is just growing but it’s dedicated to bring up artist who are talented to the music industry. According to Angel Henry who made this public; also stated that Angel Henry have been in music charts in Australia, Vancouver, US, Nigeria and did well in performance coming up at #Rank 1,2,3 and 4 in each of the contest.

Popularly before now, Angel Henry have won the Vancouver music charts for over 10 weeks at #Rank 1 in classical music. On emerging in the hip-hop contest, he has met with contenders from around the globe who took his rank to 3 from rank 1 in Abuja Hip-hop music. Angel Henry on signing Teesmith now hold the #Rank 4 position in Portharcourt, Nigeria after leaving the Abuja music charts rank which is similar to a music contest on the Reverbnation music platform.

Teesmith will be on a new grind in 2020, after joining the AAH RECORDS adding to his already good performance in the music industry. Teesmith will be a new indigenous rap artist in the country joining the likes of Eastern Igbo rappers as Phyno, Raw, etc. Teesmith was also captured in a photo shoot with Mr Raw and Klint de drunk in an event sponsored by AIT (African Independent Television), Cool FM and more.

Teesmith told AAH Records that it was not with any label during the contract completion. He was spotted taking shots beside a convertible sports car worth about $10,000 United States on estimate.

Publisher: AAH Records publicity.

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