A Journey begins, The Great Service – The Great Bargains, Traditng! | @TraditNg

Have you ever seen a normal advertisement board in the Internet for Nigerians? We can recommend one. The Best one. You will be able to use it easily because it has friendly for visitor’s interface. Its name is Tradit.ng.

First of all we want to tell you about your opportunities on this advertisement board. You can buy or sell anything you want here. Your goods may be:

● vehicles or real estate,
● electronics and mobile phones,
● things for children,
● furniture,
● things for your hobbies,
● services etc.

Also you can look through a lot of advertisements from employers and propose yourself as an employee. Are you afraid of hanky-panky? Don’t worry! You can contact with any buyer or seller on tradit.Ng. And you always receive all information about any commodities via text message or email.

You should pay after meeting with the seller! Also you can look at tradit.Ng seller rating also read our privacy policy. This advertisement boards the safest you have ever seen.

If you are a buyer, you can read descriptions of goods and look through photos. If you are a seller you can help people to buy your goods – make a description and load normal photos. More than 150,000 ads! More than 120,000 followers! More chances to buy or sell anything visit https://tradit.ng/

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