Black Gold Fundz

Black Gold Fundz

How To Apply
Registration fee, you have to pay a one-time registration fee of #2500 to activate your account and that’s the gateway to your bag of money.

Once you successfully sign up, you’ll get an instant welcome bonus of #150, for each day you log into the site you’ll get #100.

Like you know big companies will come to place adverts so you’ll be getting paid to share these posts on twitter daily and you’ll earn #150 daily on just that alone.

Now you’re getting #1000 for just introducing people to the site, now how cool is this site? If you refer 100 people that’s a cool 100k with no stress and you can cash out once weekly. Making online has never been this

For More Info: Contact Patvelda On WhatsApp

Note: Withdrawal threshold is 5k for none affiliate and affiliate earners. Withdrawal is every Saturday for affiliate earners and twice monthly for non affiliate earners.*

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