Who is “Governor of Africa (GOA)” ?

Governor of Africa (GOA) – Biography

Collins Osazuwa Oviawe, popularly known as “Governor Of Africa (GOA)” is a

Nigerian entertainment industry entrepreneur.

He is a record producer, influencer, music mogul, singer, songwriter and a

renowned record label executive.

He is also the CEO of PlayNation RichGang, an entertainment company – with

divisions ranging from music to lifestyle events.

Governor Of Africa (GOA) born August 5th, hails from Edo State in Nigeria

where he attended his elementary school. He went to the University

preparatory secondary school (UPSS) after which he proceeded to Delta state

University where he studied Finance & Accounting.

With the knowledge about finance that he garnered in the university, paired

with his passion for music – Governor of Africa (GOA) – has been able to

capitalize not only on the artistic area of the industry but the business

side as well. With a career spanning more than 9 years, GOA has found

himself fulfilling many roles. One of these being the business coordinator

of Club Joker, in Benin City. This role saw him being responsible for

booking celebrities and being the go-to guy for anything Lifestyle and

Entertainment in the city.

Merging his love for music and business, he was able to combine the two and

came up with the idea of hosting the Bikini Splash Pool Party. With its

first two successful editions having taken place in Benin, Nigeria – it

only made sense to expand its reach, and this led to the launch of the

event in Cape Town, South Africa. He saw a need to revitalise the way we

bring back the summer, and did this by introducing a fresh vibe which was

the First of its kind to grace the Mother city.

With multiple awards to his name & a number of hit records, GOA is an

Influential key player in the industry as he currently works with various

A-List artists and producers from both home and abroad.

He brings a renewed energy, and a fresh set of eyes and ears to a space

bursting with talent and creativity. The delicate arrangement of good

artistry, talented creatives and the financial backing to give Africa’s

young talent the head start they deserve brings to fruition something that

the world is yet to see – as Africa is where it’s at.

Get familiar today with GOVERNOR OF AFRICA (GOA).

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