My music is design to heal, entertain & educate valuable life lessons – Waliy AbouNamarr

Our entertainment desk from caught up with US base Ghanaian music star

Waliy AbouNamarr in a short chat about his music and life.

During the chat the musician responded lots of the questions asked, but one that caught our attention

was about the content of his music is about.

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In response he said as quoted;

By design my Music heals broken People, ease our Pain , entertain & delivers valuable real life learnt lessons.

This is possible cos we don’t shy away from all truths that’s right Infront of us or that we are aware of …etc

Waliy kept mentioning Allah so we delved into his personal life.

Which he answered as yes he’s a muslim.

Waliy days back released new music tagged ONLY GIRL which by far he said it’s doing so well,

On the market and promises to keep releasing good music for his fans.


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