Kpone katamanso district (OYIBI) & its environs lack development – MR. Amarh Ashitey

MR. Amarh Ashitey – Daniel, Ceo of Amarlogix GHANA limited & Fixed Star Music and a resident of

Kpone katamanso district specifically OYIBI has expressed his deepest concern about the lack of

development in his district and its environs.

Mr. Amarh Ashitey in an interview lamented how Kpone katamanso district at OYIBI has been neglected in development.

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He stated that the community has No Water, Bad roads, No good schools, Public hospitals, Market, Play ground for kids and not even fuel station.

He said, they are looking at welcoming investors who are willing to come in to help develop the area as well as the government or any political party. In return himself & his community are more then ready to support them.

These concerns are to the assemblies and any other persons who are willing to support.

Asked if he’s will to join any political party to stand for any position in future to support his community,

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He stated,

“Yes! I am prepared to work with any party that I see has an interest in the Oyibi district, I’m open for
discussion with any one of them as i prepare myself for the task ahead in due time i will make my intentions known.

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