The Name Behind The Art – Emrys Emmanuel | @emrysmanuel1

Emrys Emmanuel an amazing singer songwriter and dancer. Some of you would remember him from Maltina Dance All season 8, when he participated in the popular dance competition as the Leonard family .
Emmanuel started as a dancer at the age of 10, and danced professionally at the national theatre Lagos, with dance deal academy where he studied the art of dance choreography, but music has always been his first love .
He once said “growing up i was never  noticed or celebrated for anything as a kid, except when i sang and people look at me like a genius”.

He later went on to study music professionally in 2018 at the prestigious Tenstrings Music Institute ikeja Lagos, where he was trained in the art of singing ,artist development and music business. 
Emrys Emmanuel is one of the most talented young Nigerian artist with a unique soft tenure voice, also his dance and stage performance skills has made him the face of any audience. 

He has singles like ‘Tripping’ which he released in 2015 and currently working on ‘Trip to the moon ‘  to be released in September 2020, he is currently managed by Xplore Music Empire, a management company formed by him and his friends from Tenstrings Music Institute after they graduated from the academy.

His new single out soon.

You can get his music on all digital platforms and follow his works on all social media platforms @emrysmanuel.
Instagram: @emrysmanuel

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